Tuliss: sofa in a modern style in various colors
  • Tuliss


[ Jai Jalan ]

Original forms inspired by floral motifs characterize Tuliss, which enhances the soft sofa in the middle of the living room with its sinuous lines. A sofa in a modern style in various colors for outlining distinctively their own luxurious lounge.

selected YOUNG&DESIGN 2006

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  • Tuliss

The slim foam structure – slightly raised off the floor by feet or by a matt bronze metal base – contains soft back cushions in two different heights and a very thick seat.

Its curved lines and its distinctive design create an immediate bond in which relaxation is assured.


Jai Jalan

Canadian designer Jai Jalan began his career in the automotive and boat industries with an eclectic approach to product design. He has been working in the furniture industry since 2006.

Jai Jalan