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Sofas, beds and armchairs inspired by the “Home soft home” philosophy, Désirée’s take on interpreting and transmitting emotions and feelings. Each refined, comfortable product with its distinctive design is genuinely unique. Every detail is there for a reason and is manufactured with skilful care.

For us, producing quality means using guaranteed and certified materials, with the attention to detail worthy of a tailor and 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Those who choose Désirée do so because they love the sensations conveyed by our products.


Désirée has been the soft furnishing brand of Gruppo Euromobil since 1995. The company has been working in the Treviso area, at Tezze di Piave, since as far back as 1968, manufacturing sofas, armchairs, beds and complementary items such as rugs and poufs in line with the “Home soft home” design philosophy, i.e. a special take on interpreting and recreating the inviting and convivial atmosphere typical of the home. Each product has been designed to be comfortable as well as refined, with a design that is always distinctive and authentically unique.
Each detail combines functionality with aesthetics and is made with skilled and rigorous care, always expressing its own, particular, design raison d'être. All the soft furnishings made by Désirée result from brave ideas and creative dialogues with internationally-renowned designers with whom the company has set up ongoing collaborations.

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Désirée, synonymous with 100% Made in Italy design


The quality of the sofas, of the armchairs and of the beds manufactured by Désirée is guaranteed by using only Made in Italy manufacturing techniques: each manufacturing phase - from cutting the covers, sewing them together, applying the white underlay, to covering and packing the product- is performed under the strict and discerning eyes of highly-qualified company personnel.
All the materials are selected to offer safety and comfort; from the padding that is capable of distributing body weight to the reliability of the supporting structures, all the way down to the fabric and leather covers.

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Tailored finishes paired with industrial standards


The main features of padding for an armchair, sofa or bed are: softness, which concerns the ability to adequately support and distribute body weight; breathability, for heat and humidity dispersion from the human body and for a pleasurable sensation of wellbeing; and reliability, which indicates the performance of elastic materials over the years.

The ecological aspect must be added to all this: protecting the environment is a fundamental requirement. The materials used are: polyurethane, down and wadding. Polyurethane is created from the chemical reaction of polymerization combined with the physical reaction of expansion.

Not just design: wood, metal and leather are also environmentally friendly

Zero emissions and 100% recyblable packaging

Contemporary living requirements don’t just demand design and comfort; they are also interested in ecology. Désirée only uses natural, eco-compatible raw materials such as wood, metal and leather, all of which are recyclable.
Moreover, to protect its products, all Désirée’s packing materials are 100% recyclable. Products are wrapped in nylon and covered in very thick cardboard which is put together using hot-melt glue.

Textile NFC label


Désirée is the first soft furnishing design brand to use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to provide its sofas, armchairs and beds with a special textile label that "talks" to you.

Information and anti-counterfeiting with the NFC label.

Désirée is the first soft furnishing brand to use NFC technology (Near Field Communication), thus providing itssofas, armchairs and beds with a special, communicative label. When the customer places his smartphone or tablet near the label, a web page opens up that contains the exact, precise information for that specific model, i.e. its finishes, the covers chosen, care instructions as well as any useful information regarding assembly and the removal of covers, its technical characteristics , the name of the designer and much more, even years after the purchase, without having to consult the paperwork received when the product was delivered.

From this special label it’s possible to activate the procedure toextend the guarantee of the product to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The guarantee covers manufacturing defects concerning the structural parts of upholstered furniture composed of the wooden and/or metal frame and relative upholstery (excluding cushions and covers).
This special label also has a precious anti-counterfeiting function because it guarantees the uniqueness of the purchased product certifying its authenticity.

Désirée, up to 5-year warranty


As prescribed by the law, Désirée offers a 2-year warranty on its products. Nevertheless, the company also offers the precious opportunity of extending this warranty to 5 years from the date of manufacture for the structure of its upholstered furniture. The guarantee covers manufacturing defects concerning the structural parts composed of a wooden and/or metal frame and relative upholstery. Cushions and external covers in fabric, microfibre and leather are not included.

The warranty replaces or repairs unusable or faulty parts, assessed as such by Désirée or its representatives. The guarantee neither covers damage caused by transportation, nor imperfections caused by normal wear or improper use of the product. Moreover, it becomes void if the products have been unassembled or tampered with by someone not belonging to the Désirée company.

To benefit from the 5-year warranty you must follow the procedure by placing a smartphone or tablet provided with this technology near theNFC LABEL (find out how the NFC system works by clicking here). If you don’t have an NFC device you can extend the warranty by filling in the form from the website. Make sure you have the paperwork given to you when you made your purchase.