• Lovely Day
  • Lovely Day

Lovely Day

[ Marc Sadler ]

A freestanding sofa designed for moments of togetherness: self-bearing and adjustable backs with a linear or curved shape can be positioned as desired to guarantee perfect comfort no matter the form.

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  • Lovely Day

The range of elements – available
in various sizes, depths and
with different covers (quilted for
the chic version) – guarantees
extensive customisation and
flexibility in terms of arrangements.

The sculptural, metal base
raises the sofa off the floor,
conveying visual lightness.


Marc Sadler

French citizen born in Austria, Marc Sadler has lived and worked as a designer in France, North America, Asia and Italy. One of the first graduates in “esthétique industrielle” at the ENSAD in Paris, he was a pioneer in experimentation on the different materials and contamination between technologies, which has become distinctive aspects of his work.

Marc Sadler