Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008

GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008

ZALF is present at “Salone del Mobile”, together with Désirée, in an area of 1000 square meters in Hall 10. The Exhibits are completely renewed. They combine perfectly design with competitiveness thanks to company’s high production technology and the exclusive "Project Solution" which offers with creativity, choice and plurality its multiplier design possibilities, where everything can be combined with everything, creating an infinite number of different and exclusive solutions.

The systems and collections Zalf allow, in fact, the definition of accessible projects, coherent with any level of planned investment. Zalf interprets the new lifestyles and new ways of furnishing with original solutions that make comfortable and rational every space, describing different environments with extreme versatility. A simple and elegant choice, immediate and comfortable, to rediscover the authentic meanings of living and to express them according to modern taste. The dividing walls Link System or container Monopoli, the storage system Alterna, equipped walls Oh!razio, Picà, and Modus are integrated in an innovative way to organize the house functions according to a simple and innovative aesthetic formula. Their advanced planning and compatibility of colors and sizes is a valuable resource for architects and interior designers to project complete furnishings for an entire home, or specific actions in individual rooms.

In the living area of the house, Zalf systems compose innovative living room, comfortable lounge areas and bookcase, functional studies, nice lobbies, complete mini kitchens. The night area offers nice rooms for children and teenagers, chic double rooms for couples, with a range of features and accessories, from the simplest to the most complete, combining in a creative way the functions of the rest, of containment and ( for young people) of the study. Intelligent compositions and multifunctional automatics allow to have all the comforts for one or more visitors and as well in confined spaces. A rich collection of furniture and accessories, made up of tables, chairs, beds, fabrics, and upholstery coordinated specially made by Désirée, complete the offer Zalf in all aspects. The exhibition space that frames the proposals Zalf leads to refined and elegant atmosphere, allowing us to express the full potential of the available colors of the collections.