Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019
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DÉSIRÉE | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019

Five hundred square metres of pure Venetian style and atmosphere to pay homage to the Veneto origins of the brand: these are the distinctive features of the stand for the Gruppo Euromobil padded furniture brand, Désirée, at the 2019 Salone del Mobile, where new creations can be admired, together with the most popular products in our collection.

This year our attendance is particularly important, as it is distinguished by a large group of designers with different backgrounds and experience, who work with Désirée – says Roberto Gobbo -. This fascinating mix of designers offers the public a host of new products in perfect harmony with existing models, some of which have been updated”.
The ‘Venetian atmosphere’ mood is expressed in the finishes and materials typical of the area in question. Our company has deep roots in Veneto and with this project wishes to underline its ties to the territory, well-known for its skills, but also famous throughout the world for its art and architecture.

Salone del Mobile. Milano 2019 Sky Arte

At the beginning of the display the visitor is welcomed by a mirror installation, a sort of jewel box, which contains an iconic object, i.e. one of the new products Désirée is presenting at the Salone (Avì armchair). The reflections created by the mirrors recall the theme of water and light, elements inextricably linked to Venice. Flanking the different areas are site-specific compositions of the Image bookcase, an uncluttered, airy modular system. The stand is completed by a series of images that create immersive reality in which to explore our novelties. Historic inspiration also derives from the wonderful sixteenth century relationship between Andrea Palladio’s architecture and Paolo Veronese’s frescoes, and goes on with Carlo Scarpa’s original architecture.

The environment is destructured, with a style that’s discovered gradually, in a game of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’. Contrasting with the two long sides, the short side of the stand is more inscrutable and mysterious and opens out fully, as if it went on forever. It’s like a space projected towards the horizon, as in Venetian panoramas. Nothing is left to chance. The distribution created by Roberto Gobbo is based on chiasmus, a rhetorical device in which two pairs of concepts are crossed with each other by the reversal of their structures, forming an ideal X, a key concept in Greek statuary. The stand takes up this idea by juggling full spaces and voids and active and inactive parts that influence each other reciprocally: modernity always derives from the past and in the case of Veneto’s culture, a glorious past.

The stand hosts important works of art by Virgilio Guidi (Rome, 4 April 1891 – Venice 7 January 1984). For most of his life the artist worked in the Lagoon city, capturing its highly characteristic visual values of light and colour. This year we once again confirm our partnership with OIKOS, colours and materials for architecture; a splendid ltalian company in the ecological paints industry since 1984.

The company deals in ecological colour solutions and boasts a totally green philosophy. The colour scheme on the Désirée stand creates a uniquely awesome effect with the new collections, and is by colour designer Vicky Syriopoulou. Désirée and Gruppo Euromobil will not attend just the Salone: the company will also be at the Fuori Salone - Milano Design Week 2019, in the Sony Lounge, Spazio Zegna in via Savona 56, where Sony is presenting new technological scenarios. The layout is by Studio I.T.O. Design, the company’s historic partner and is furnished with Overplan sofas, design Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, and Sabi, Yori and Stum coffee tables designed for Désirée by Setsu&Shinobu Ito, providing an extremely refined and elegant total look for the lounge.