″Home Soft Home″ catalogues
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DÉSIRÉE | “Home Soft Home“ catalogues

Désirée is presenting the company’s new 2020-2021 catalogue - created together with ValentiniCesarottiAssociati - which collects the company’s values; designers Roberto Gobbo, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Jai Jalan, Marc Sadler, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez; the magic of our land narrated by means of the enchanting photos of Fulvio Roiter and Made in Italy expertise, with a selection of black and white shots in which craftsmanship and technological innovation blend in natural harmony.
Divided into three volumes – “SOFAS and ARMCHAIRS”, “COMPLEMENTARY ITEMS and RUGS”, “BEDS and ACCESSORIES” – the new catalogue offers easier reading and simpler planning for our entire range of products.
An over 750-page editorial plan presents the new Désirée collection through an accurate choice of new locations in line with the versatile character of our products, in particular:

  • Fabrica, a place in which concrete welcomes simple forms favoured by the geometric shapes of spaces;
  • Asiago, a chalet in which wood strongly reflects nature and creates an inviting scenario;
  • Pavia, a villa in which resin and glass produce light and shadow effects.

Product and inspirational photography – expressed through four themes: Architecture, Art, Nature and Locations - blend harmoniously in these three volumes, alternated with the deep and intense language of black&white shots portraying objects.